Big Canoe Creek

Homestead Hollow is a proud partner of the Big Canoe Creek Nature Preserve. The Preserve sports 422 acres of space to explore with several nature trails through the lush Alabama forest filled with wildlife of all kinds and the beautiful Big Canoe Creek. You could spend days taking in all the nature they have to offer.

Did you know that Alabama is one of the most bio-diverse states in the country?

From the Canoe Creek Clubshell mussel to the trispot darter, from mountain laurel and native azalea to beech, red and sugar maple trees. Find hornbeams, black walnut, catalpa, butternut and bigleaf magnolia and perhaps, stands of river cane. All of this can be found at the Big Canoe Creek Nature Preserve! Whether on Horseback, e-bikes, or in your trusty hiking boots come see all the preserve has to offer.

As the preserve says themselves:

“Each sunrise seems to reveal a new perspective on nature’s many gifts found beneath the canopy of its trees or along the banks of this stunning creek that runs for 50 miles. And each sunset beckons visitors to savor the memories of the sights, sounds and the enveloping feeling of it all.

It is a true gift of nature for us all to enjoy, to experience and to be inspired.”

In support of Big Canoe Creek Nature Preserve, we invite you to the Big Canoe Creek Jam @ Homestead Hollow come enjoy a full day of live music and entertainment on June 15th on the beautiful Homestead Hollow grounds, right across the street from the Big Canoe Creek Nature Preserve.